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'Fitsa Hats' Turns Diet Healthy Food from Italy

'Fitsa Hats' Turns Diet Healthy Food from Italy

 Many people who do not know, that 'Fitsa Hats' which is a play on Pizza Hut is a culture of healthy eating from Italy. Unlike the popular American pizza that uses a lot of carbohydrates and a variety of meat as a topping, pizza menu from Italy using a different recipe. Pizza is also one food that is often served in the Mediterranean diet.
Mediterranean diet itself is a diet that is popular in southern Europe and North Africa. Having a diet that is unique and different sources of nutrients are balanced, the Mediterranean diet can keep the resistance of the body and maintain a healthy weight to old. The original Italian pizza into the main menu when eating together keluagra.

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The Italians have a unique eating habits. They were happy to eat together is accompanied by music, singing to dance together. It increases physical activity and social relations between communities said Ervina, M.Sc researcher from the Indonesian International Institute for Life Science.
But the menu 'Fitsa Hats' what could be classed as healthy food and to maintain a healthy body? The answer is pizza made using healthy ingredients. To make bread pizza, they use wheat flour that has a lot of fiber This gives the body a lot of fiber and keep not easily hungry after eating pizza.
To garnish toppings in a pizza, they use a lot of vegetables in it like a tomato. Tomatoes have a lot of antioxidants that help the body ward off many diseases and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal illness.
The tomato sauce used in pizza also comes with a little olive oil. Besides being more healthy, olive oil contains monosatuarted fat or monounsaturated fat. These same substances can increase the good fat in the body.
The key of the Mediterranean Diet is to exchange some food sources bad to good from materials that are healthier, said Ervina
What about the cheese and meat in 'Fitsa Hats'? The Italians do not consume a lot of red meat in the Mediterranean diet. They replace the protein source with using fish and chicken with a number that is not too much.
Same with meat, cheese is not too much used in everyday consumption so that various proteins derived from dairy products are available in sufficient quantities. So are you ready to eat 'Fitsa Hats' healthy?


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