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What to Look For If You Want Diet Detox

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What to Look For If You Want Diet Detox
 -diet Detox done a number of people to get rid of toxins in their bodies. The process to get rid of toxins naturally it is called the detoxification process. This diet is believed to make the body more refreshed and positive impact on the skin.
detox diet as well as methods of fasting. In this method of juice fasting, a person only eating fruits and vegetables, no rice. To that end, the body of someone who has tried a detox diet needs to adapt. Moreover, if the previously more consumption of fatty foods or high cholesterol.
For starters, nutritional consultant Andang W Gunawan advised to try a detox diet for three days prior.
If you've never completely fasting, try the first three days. But there was no effect, said Andang some time ago in Jakarta.
Andang said, the process of spending new toxins occurred on the third day. In addition, in order to easily adapt the body, set a healthy diet at 1-2 weeks before undergoing a detox diet. Limit salt intake, reduce high fat foods such as fried foods, bersantan and animal origin.
Avoid all processed foods such as canned food, instant noodles, dried food, and preserved. Begin to multiply the fruits and fresh vegetables.
It is also presented in his diet Andang Powerful Ways Drain Detox Body Toxins, complete with a detox diet recipes. Before the detox diet, you can also start with food combining first.
detox diet alone may be done for 7 days, 14 days, 40 days. During this diet, reduce excessive physical activity. If you want to undergo a detox diet more than 7 days, you should consult with a doctor or nutritionist who controlled the detox diet.
Andang said detox diets beneficial for skin health, digestion, immunity, susceptibility to infection and allergic reactions, liver and kidney function, up to mental function and clarity of mind.

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